We are regulated by the state of Kansas Division of Health and Environment (KDHE) for water quality and water testing and monitoring processes. We must take at a minimum of five water samples each month that test for total coliform among other things. Coliform is an indicator for bacteria present in the water and may indicate we have a problem in the water distribution system. We test quarterly for trihalomenthanes. We use combined chlorine and ammonia to disinfect the water lines. We have eight water towers in our district with a combined storage of 2,350,000 gallons of water. Our engineers are Bartlett and West of Topeka, Kansas.

Certified Class II Water
Operator, Repairs and

Jerry Bowser
Certified Class II Water Operator, Repairs and Maintenance

We are members of the Kansas Rural Water Association which provides assistance such as leak detection, water rate studies, GIS, training, web services or policy questions on regulations. KRWA website is krwa.net.  Their office phone number is 1-785-336-3760 and the main office is located in Seneca, KS.