Jackson County, Kansas - Rural Water District No. 3 is a non-profit quasi municaplity. We have eight water towers in our district with a combined storage of 2,350,000 gallons of water. We have over 510 miles of pipeline in the ground and presently 1,970 water customers throughout five counties, six cities, and the Prairie Band Potawatomi reservation. RWD #3 has ground water sources from seven wells, and our primary source of water is from the Banner Creek Lake, located west of Holton. We also have water connections established as back up water supplies with Nemaha RWD # 4, and Jackson County RWD # 1.  RWD #3 and the City of Holton are joint equal partners in Public Wholesale No. 18. We sell between 12-19 million gallons each month to all of our customers combined.  

Sign up for our FREE auto debit payment option that comes out of your checking account once per month on the 15th day and never have to worry about being late again with your water payment or incurring any late fees (at 10% of the total balance due) or being subject to shut off. If shut off is done $200.00 is added to the total balance due on the account.  Easy to sign up.  We just need a one page form filled out and a  voided check.  Ask about this option today and we will gladly get you signed up.

Also kindly provide us with your current email address and we will EMAIL you the monthly water bill statement for faster delivery.  This also helps to control overall costs for the water district by saving on envelopes, paper, ink, postage, etc.  Thank you for providing us your email address.  Call the office at 364-3056 to speak with Brenda or Lindsay or send an email to rwdmgr@giantcomm.net (Brenda) or rwdbookkeeper@gmail.com (Lindsay)  to provide us with your current email address. 









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