RWD #3 is a non-profit quasi municaplity. We are tax exempt. We do not receive any funding from Federal, State, Jackson County, or the City of Holton. The only revenues and "funds" we receive are from our patrons via their water bills.  Water meters are currently $4,500.00. If you need a line extension run to obtain water service to your property we estimate those line extensions at $8.00 per foot. Roads bores are estimated to start at a price of $2,000.00 if you need to get water from one side of the road over to your property. Major Road Bores or Highway Bores start at $3,000.00 and may be more depending on the situation and the overall length or if rock is encounterd.  Rural Water District # 3 responsibility stops at the water meter and the customer's responsibility starts on the other side of the water meter and with their private service line running the entire distance to their house.

Please remember if you are digging anywhere near any utilities please call Kansas One Call (Dig Safe) at 811 and they will notify us with a line locate marking ticket request.  If you have any questions about this you can call us direct at our office phone number of 364-3056 so we can go out and mark the lines for you so you don't hit a waterline and cause a leak. Our office is located on the town square in Holton on the west side at 411 New York Avenue. Our office hours are Monday thru Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Our office phone number is 364-3056 and our fax number is 364-3437. Jerry's cell phone number is 785-851-0167. Doug's cell phone number is 785-851-0088. Keith's cell phone number is 785-364-6431. Brenda's cell phone number is 785-364-7256.

Water Monthly Minimum with no gallons used is $25.00 a month. Water is billed at $6.95 per thousand gallons of all water used with no sliding scale.

Water meters are read once a month by meter reader, Keith Wilson. Bills are sent out by the 15th of the month and are due the last working day of the month for patrons in the Main area of the District and the Whiting area. Bills are sent out by the last day of the month and due the 15th of the following month for patrons in the Valley Falls, PBPN Reservation, and Soldier areas of the District.

If you think you have a water leak, make sure no water is on or running in your house or outside hydrant and go to your meter and see if any of the wheels or dials are turning. If they are turning slowly or fast you have a water leak on your side and need to contact either a plumber or an excavating company to dig up your service line and get fixed. Any water running through the meter is billable and will have to be paid for to Rural Water District #3.
Water loss is a major concern and we track water losses each month for the district. Patrons can help us out greatly by contacting our office at 364-3056 and reporting anywhere they see water running that they feel should not be as these leaks save everyone time and money. We pay $25.00 for each verified leak reported that is on our side of the lines to the first patron who calls it into staff or the office.